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By puckzxz
Version: 3.2
Updated: 08/22/2022 05:02:05
Downloads: 1,135,291
An easily customizable and automatically updating theme

NotAnotherAnimeTheme is a highly customizable theme for Discord (with BetterDiscord or Powercord) allowing for a revitalized and fresh take on the Discord UI. Every part of the theme is customizable, from the background image to the scroll bar colors. The user has full control over the default configuration. Preview pictures can be found here.


For BetterDiscord

  1. Ensure Bandaged BetterDiscord is installed.
  2. Download the theme here:
  3. Place the theme file inside of the BetterDiscord themes folder.
  4. Restart the Discord client either by right clicking the tray icon and clicking "Quit Discord" or by pressing Ctrl+R inside the client.
  5. Go to User Settings in Discord > Themes > Select NotAnotherAnimeTheme v3.2 by puckzxz#2080

For Powercord

  1. Ensure Powercord is installed on your computer. If not, install it here.
  2. Navigate to where the Powercord source files are on your computer
  3. From the Powercord source folder, (Most likely named "powercord") navigate to the themes folder: powercord -> src -> Powercord -> themes.
  4. Within this folder, create a new folder called "NotAnotherAnimeTheme". Download the repository into the folder.
  5. Great! NotAnotherAnimeTheme is now installed on your Discord client! If it's running, restart it for the changes to take place.


Q: Where is the BetterDiscord Theme folder located?

  • Usually it is installed in %AppData%\BetterDiscord\themes, however for a custom installation, the location can be found by going to User Settings in Discord > Themes > Open Theme Folder.

Q: I'm still not sure on how to install this

Q: How would I go about customizing the theme?

  • The details on how to customize the theme are here.
  • Feeling lazy? You can check out these theme generators that do all the hard work for you. Wubzy's Site and LimeShark

Q: Where did the different theme files go for the amount of server columns?

  • Since V3 you now change the amount of columns from inside the theme file, --server-listing-width


Have you made something cool with NotAnotherAnimeTheme and feel like sharing it? Fork me and add it to the community folder! If you're not git savvy you can either open an issue or just PM it to me on discord and I'll add your theme!


A Discord server was made for issues, support, comments, recommendations, etc.

Any issues can be expressed by:


While the theme is Free and Open Source, it takes time to keep the theme up to date. If you enjoy the theme please consider supporting the Author to continue maintenance and development of it.

In the appearance settings make sure Dark is selected.

This theme is NOT minimal mode compatible.


  • Thanks to V-X for creating and hosting the CDN that NotAnotherAnimeTheme uses

  • Thanks to Qu4k3 for helping with countless issues

Images of variations

Single Column Server List


Double Column Server List


Triple Column Server List


Quadruple Column Server List





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