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Dark Neon

By Bates
Version: 1.0.0
Updated: 01/14/2022 09:22:20
Downloads: 191,972
A dark theme with customizable bright neon colors!

Dark Neon Discord Theme


This is the first Discord theme I ever worked on! Its goal is basically to completely black out discord and add some slight neon touches!


Installing betterdiscord themes is really easy!

  • Go into discord's settings
  • Go to "Themes"
  • Click on "Open theme folder"
  • Move the .theme.css file you downloaded into the folder you just opened
  • Click the checkbox in the top-right corner of the theme in discord to enable it


You can easily customize this theme by editing the .theme.css file! Just change the variables to whatever you want! If you need help finding the right value(s), head on over to the theme's website which has a handy color-picker!

Need more help?

No worries! Just head on over to my Discord Server, you'll be sure to find whatever help you need customizing over there! :)

Want to support me?

If you want to support me, you can do so either on Patreon or Paypal!




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