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Black Hole

By Monster Dev
Version: 1.0
Updated: 05/08/2021 01:38:14
Downloads: 548,949
Jump into space with this theme. It's just a bedazzled base Discord theme

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The Phoenix Bundle are forks of old themes that have ceased to be supported. Because I have been maintaining them for a year and have rewritten them to be more readable and efficient, I have renamed them and claimed them as my own.

The code itself is loads different but the output does still look the same.

Black Hole is an original theme that is easier to maintain.

All themes will be hopefully ported to BDv2 soon.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright and License

  2. Themes

Copyright and License

Terms Used

  • Elle ("Author", "Coder", "Ellexide", "EllexideCodes", "Monster", "Monster Dev", "Innate Monster", "I", "She", "Her")
  • Content ("Themes", "product", "items", "codes", "assets")
  • User ("You", "User", "they", "them", "their")


The author, Monster, reserves the right to all content found in this repository. They are intellectual property and will remain as such indefinitely. If any one person decides to use--even any portion--of a code, they agree to be bound by the rules set by Monster.

Monster reserves the right to ask any of her work to be taken down should they be used, distributed, or reverse-engineered in a way she does not consent to.

To contact Monster Dev:


Users are permitted...

  • ... to take and build from any of the two themes inside the Phoenix Bundle ONLY. They may redistribute them as long as they have edited enough for it to be basically a different code.
  • ... to edit the given variables in each theme inside this repository.
  • ... to add additional code into any theme as long as they are not redistributed as their own.
  • ... to study the codes and how they are built for educational purposes.
  • ... to reverse engineer the codes in any way they want as long as they do not distribute the broken bits and pieces as their own.
  • ... to take snippets of the code to use as long as they give due credit.
  • ... to edit the contents of the *.theme.css file (including the Meta) as long as they do not redistribute this version.


Users are forbidden...

  • ... from building off of themes outside of the Phoenix Bundle.
  • ... from redistributing the code, edited or otherwise, in any platform that Monster does not allow.
  • ... from distributing an edited version of any code without explicit permission from the author.
  • ... from copying and using more than 50 lines of code (in the spacing as shown in the original files) in a different theme or code without giving due credit.
  • ... from selling or making money off of any theme that is present in this repository and any theme made by Monster.

All these terms apply to all files in this repository as well as the last few remaning files in the EllexideCodes/Discord-Themes repository.

Copyright © 2019 - Present, Monster Dev

Do not redistribute

All Themes

Phoenix Bundle

Tranquil Reborn

Original Themes

Black Hole


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